About Heather

Heather Walters is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist currently training and instructing in High Springs, FL. Offering training and Dressage education for all ages and levels of experience. Schoolmasters and Select Sales horses available. Heather is dedicated to offering professional, friendly care and attention to the discriminating horse owner and rider in a family friendly Dressage environment. Heather emphasizes the use of basics and biomechanics in daily training.

Why Ride at HWalters Dressage LLC?

Horses and riders enjoy HWalters Dressage with all the multiple areas of training that can be adjusted to each ones strengths. Dressage training and lessons with emphasis on developing forwardness and balance with correct suppleness. Working Equitation helps to create bravery, strength, maneuverability and obedience.¬†Obstacle and small jump training creates a well rounded horse and rider for all life’s challenges.

  • A perfect place for horses
  • Cross training in Dressage, Working Equitation, and desensitizing.
  • Lessons are catered to skill level, age, and riding goals.
  • Perfection is not the goal but excellence and ride-ability IS!

What other amenities are offered?

Therapy sessions on the Theraplate are also used to improve recovery and injury prevention while riding and training both for sport and pleasure. Come join the fun of HWalters Dressage.

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